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Data Centers

As global technology rapidly changes, the demand for data center space is increasing at an accelerated rate. Sustainability, reliability, and security are always the focus, but the costs of ownership and leasing is substantially high, making the right financial decisions crucial. Our Data Center Advisory Group (DCAG) provides strategic advice and real estate services for data centers to occupiers, landlords, investors, and operators. We have a multi-disciplined team which advises clients of all sizes and industries. Although every client requirement is unique, the level of service and professionalism you receive from C&W remains the same.

Our Services

Strategic advice

Understanding technical requirements and your business needs, we provide you with the strategic advice to align your business goals with your technical real estate assets. We can undertake benchmarking, and lifecycle cost analysis to find opportunities that will drive down operational costs, while advising and assisting you with expansion and consolidation strategies.

Acquisitions & site selection

Whether you are looking to acquire a shared or wholesale space, or need an existing facility or a new development, we can ensure that the process is seamlessly managed from inception to completion, providing advice and negotiating on your behalf to give you the peace of mind that the optimum terms are achieved. Using our expert local knowledge and global agency network, we can identify suitable sites for your requirements and carry out due diligence to ensure that the location meets all of your goals.

Data center risk index

We produce the Data Center Risk Index which analyzes the risks affecting data center operations in key established and emerging countries . We produce customized models of the index to help you make an informed decision about your data center operation.

Lease negotiations & tenant representation

We provide services for renewals, retooling, relocations and subleasing, making sure that you achieve not only the best terms possible but those that are most closely aligned to your strategic objectives.


Through our market-leading global Valuation Advisory Services Group, we can provide you with valuations and due diligence reporting for loan security, portfolio, ongoing concerns and mergers and acquisitions..

Project management

Our project management professionals have in-depth knowledge and experience of data centers including construction, cost management and commissioning. The team maintains a stellar track record of reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

Facilities management

Globally, C&W manages more than twenty million square feet of technology space and nine million square feet of raised-floor data centers. Our DCAG professionals draw on the practical experience of our management and engineering personnel to deepen their technical knowledge of these facilities.

Ancillary services

We work in partnership with various complimentary service providers to deliver a coordinated, holistic and seamless approach to any project.

Services include:

  • Machinery and Equipment Design and Engineering
  • Architects
  • Cost Consulting
  • Power and Connectivity
  • Security
  • Legal Services

Experience and Resources

We have a strong track record of working with data centre occupiers, owners and investors around the globe. We work with both our experienced local teams in-country and our international hub operators to consult with us and help leverage and optimize negotiations for data center real estate. We offer fully integrated global coverage with our fellow DCAG professionals enabling us to support our clients with multi-national requirements.

Cushman & Wakefield has an international network of nearly 15,000 professionals including researchers, strategists, business modellers, accountants, financial consultants and agents in 253 offices across 60 countries.

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